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Foot & Ankle

When one part of the foot or ankle is hurt, it can affect the entire foot.

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While all injuries should be taken seriously, damage to the foot and ankle musculoskeletal system should be carefully monitored and treated to prevent complications that can affect other parts of the body. If you have had an accident and are seeking foot and ankle treatment, or are experiencing unexplained foot pain, contact the experienced physicians at Sarasota Orthopedic Associates.

The Impact of Foot and Ankle Injuries

The foot and ankle together contain 26 bones, each of which will impact the body differently if fractured or broken. In every case, an injury as serious as a fracture will mean an inability to bear weight, severely affecting mobility. This can be quite painful and may offset balance, put increased pressure on the other leg and joints, and even affect overall mood due to the lack of exercise that will likely ensue. If the injury is not addressed quickly, a collapsed bone, severed ligament, or permanent deformity can develop.

Swelling is a sure sign that medical attention is needed in the foot and ankle, though it doesn't necessarily mean a fracture is present. Other possible indications of injury to the area include pain, tenderness, inability to bear weight, stiffness, discolored skin, or bruising.

Available Treatments

In the case of breaks or fractures, treatment can often be as straightforward as a cast or brace if the injury is treated promptly. After an X-ray is taken, the physician can determine how to proceed. For serious breaks or those that have been ignored for some time, surgery will be necessary to offset the shift in the foot and ankle structure. Other cases, such as stress fractures, may require protective footgear for two to four months.

For swelling or other symptoms when a fracture is not present, the treatment will depend on the cause of the issue. Increased pressure on the foot and ankle, such as during pregnancy, may be treated with protective footwear and medication may be prescribed. If heart failure or alcoholism is the underlying cause, lifestyle changes will be recommended along with protective footwear.

Don't suffer with foot pain, potentially exacerbating an injury. Call Sarasota Orthopedic Associates to make an appointment with our foot doctor today at one of our several convenient locations.

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